Allegion Brands Price Updates

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June 23, 2017

Allegion is announcing a list price increase affecting commercial and hollow metal portfolio as well as Dexter commercial and residential product lines effective August 12, 2017. Please find percentage changes* below as well as other key information:
    •    5 percent list price increase across the commercial portfolio.
    •    7 percent list price increase across the hollow metal portfolio (including Republic).
    •    2 percent list price increase for Dexter commercial.
* Note: There are some exceptions across multiple brands where products will not take the full increase or will not take an increase at all.

A 2 percent weighted average list price increase will take effect on Saturday, August 12, 2017. This change will vary with increases and decrease across products by style and finish, and will impact all Schlage branded residential products – specifically Schlage Electronics, F-Series, B-Series and J-Series. 

Please contact Akron Hardware's Sales team for more information at 800-321-9602.