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March 29, 2016

Akron Hardware has launched two website upgrades for a better user experience!  Our e-commerce site, Akronline, has undergone design and navigation changes that will help customers get what they need more efficiently.  With improved filtering, intelligent search capabilities, and easy viewing on any mobile device or tablet, Akronline is now a more useful tool. To see a brief overview of these changes, click here.  Our website,, has taken on a different look that is also responsive on any mobile device. Our Product pages allow you to view the manufacturers that Akron Hardware has partnered with, along with helpful links to their websites and informational pages. The Solutions pages provide a quick reference to manufacturers that have products directly related to Healthcare, Education and Corporate environments. There are now quick links to specials, featured products and promotions, videos, and a simple way to subscribe to our electronic newsletter.


Feel free to let us know your thoughts about these changes, and how we can continue to serve you better. Click here to go to our Contact Us form.