Tom Orihel

"Akron Hardware operates within a very basic, focussed philosophy. It revolves around 'doing business the old fashioned way' - giving our customers a good product at a reasonable price with value-added service and integrity."

"While we strive to be at the forefront of our industry in terms of information technology, product knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities and systems, we never lose sight of the simple goal of satisfying every customer every time."

Roy Crute

Roy is the Executive Vice President of Akron Hardware’s wholesale operations, which also include the Hardware Suppliers brand.

"At Akron Hardware, we believe that we do not just sell door hardware. The products that we carry are of the highest quality, and using them to provide solutions is what we do best. Our customers can always expect to find knowledge, professionalism, and reliability when doing business with us."

"I greatly appreciate the trust that our customers have placed in us, and I also am very fortunate to work with a team of talented and passionate people who understand that the customers are the ones who ultimately pays the bills."

Bill Jubara

Successful relationships rely on a good flow of communication. I interact with vendor management, and sales teams to articulate relevant Akron Hardware initiatives involving their specific brand. In turn, our vendor partners provide timely information about new products, industry trends, and promotional opportunities.

Maintaining a high level of communication ensures clarity, consistency and constant evaluation of the marketplace. Ultimately our customers are better served, which is our intention each and every day.

Dwayne Spencer

"I once was a mold maker at a custom chocolate mold manufacturer. One of the most interesting projects I was involved in was the design of official candy bars depicting NFL quarterbacks and their signatures including Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason and Bernie Kosar. I also fabricated a mold for a chocolate mobsters hat for a celebrity dinner in honor of Robert DeNiro. This job taught me to pay attention to the smallest details and the importance of listening to customers to understand their specific needs."

"If I were creating a Mount Rushmore of sports figures I would include Muhammed Ali, Babe Ruth, Pele and Michael Jordan."

John Flower

"I like working for Akron Hardware because the leadership of the company is committed to the employees. They are not satisfied and are continually trying to better the company. Akron Hardware gives me the opportunity to solve problems and find solutions to customer situations."

"If I were marooned on a deserted island (that had a CD player) the 4 CD's I would take with me would the Greatest Hits albums of Billy Joel, James Taylor, the BeeGees and Guns-n-Roses."

Bill Monaghan

"The things I like about working for a company like Akron Hardware are: the commitment of the company to its customers and employees, our ability to add quality manufacturers to our product lines, the ability to incorporate the technology needed to continue to operate at a high efficiency rate, and the flexibility to always look for a better way to conduct business."

"The must-see" attractions in the Akron area would have to include Stan Hywett Hall (estate of the founder of Goodyear Tire & Rubber), Canal Park (Home stadium of the AA Akron Aeros) and Luigi's Pizza."

Joe Schlosser

"The most satisfying part of my job is when I can solve problems for our staff that, in turn, allow them to help our customers. I am able to create systems that enable our people to quickly and accurately access the information they need to assist the customer on the phone."

"One of the accomplishments that helps me in my job is my B.S. Degree in Data Processing/Computer Science from the University of Dayton."

"If I were marooned on a desert island (with a CD player) the four CD's I would like to have would be: Yanni -Live at the Accropolis; Elvis -Live from Hawaii; Peter Frampton - Frampton Live; Neil Diamond -Hot August Night."

Randy Floyd

"My previous career history in retail hardware has given me a good handle on providing the type of personal customer service that Akron Hardware likes to maintain. We try to make sure that the customer is totally satisfied with every aspect of the Akron Hardware experience."

"If I were creating a Mount Rushmore of sports I would have Thurman Munson, Julius Irving, Michael Jordan, and Terry Bradshaw."

Tim Kane

"I like to let a customer know that I have a personal desire to solve their hardware needs and they are not just another voice on the phone. I treat every customer the way I would want to be treated if I were to call their company."

"The part of my job that I like most is being a team member of a company that has been able to sustain its reputation in the door and hardware industry as a wholesaler that does not sell to end users. As a manager, I enjoy the opportunity to assist and direct a great group of people that are committed to doing their best every day."

"If I were marooned on a deserted island (with a DVD player) I would have to bring along the following movies: Wizard of OZ, To Kill a Mockingbird, National Lampoon's Animal House, and Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Craig Hoffman

Craig has been with Akron Hardware since 1997 in a variety of key warehouse and TCS Supervisory roles. In 2005, Craig accepted the position as Branch Manager for the Tennessee Distribution Center and oversees the day to day operations of the branch. Craig and his family re-located from Akron to the Bartlett Tennessee area, and are excited about their future opportunities.

Rodney Dell

Rodney is a veteran warehouse manager, and handles all aspects of the Texas facility.

Eric started with Akron Hardware in 2005 as an order puller at the Akron facility. He was asked to help out at the Pennsylvania Distribution center and quickly became an integral part of its day-to-day operations, and the branch relocation in 2009. As Manager, Eric is now responsible for the daily functions of the PA branch, and makes sure each order is shipped prompt and accurate.

Don Hohman

Maintaining solid relationships, and following up with prospective national accounts is Don's primary concern. Travel is a large part of his position which allows for personal interaction with Akron Hardware's valued customers.

Rick Buzaki

"One of the things I like about working at Akron Hardware is that they have enough confidence in me to give me the authority I need to take care of the customer in a lot of different ways."

"When a customer calls me I try to make them feel comfortable that I will give them the best service possible. Ship dates, prices and even part numbers are subject to change; I want my service to be the constant that my customer can count on."

Joe Testa

"Over my years at Akron Hardware, I have been in involved in the Warehouse, Purchasing, Order Entry and Customer Service departments. I bring a little bit of knowledge from each department to my job - I know how the entire system works and I use that knowledge to give the best service possible to my customers."

"A couple of accomplishments I am proud of are my BA degree in Business Management from the University of Akron and the school swimming records I set while in high school."

Tony Phillips

"In addition to my background in computer technology, I was a business manager for a group of manufacturers that warehoused their products on the East Coast. Overseeing many departments, I became proficient at trouble-shooting problems and streamlining operations. I am confident these skills will help me in my position at Akron Hardware."

"I enjoy movies and my Mount Rushmore of entertainers would consist of Al Pacino, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and John Wayne."